Uchenna and Steve, July 17, 2010

It’s a rare treat when you ask the bride what kind of cake she wants, and she replies, “surprise me.” I didn’t even need to finish my conversation with Uchenna about the wedding, and the idea came to me: champagne peaches and cream with vanilla cake. She wore orchids in her hair and I wanted the cake to evoke the colors of a sunset. The wedding was at Bubby’s in Brooklyn, and I thought this would fit the Americana style of the day. The couple wanted a small cake and whoopie pies (same flavor as the cake) as party favors.


Kathy and Rob, May 16, 2009

My friend Kathy’s wedding cake was the first one I baked for my cake company. It was chocolate cake with a passion fruit curd filling. Scroll down to see an image of the cake. Actually, you should probably check out all the images- the wedding was beautiful and the photos are the best wedding pics I’ve ever seen. Kathy and Rob really put a lot of though into every detail, pretty much designed and built the whole wedding themselves, by hand, and were able to remain as chic and fabulous as ever.